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Tips to Improve Your Writing Skill

What is Writing:

Writing is a sophisticated communication skill responsible for conveying our thought, ideas in written form through a stationary object such as a pen, paper, etc.

According to recent research, the total average person in the world spends 9% of their writing skills.
Good writing skill is an art that facilitates the readers and gains their undivided attention.

The fun of writing is not easy, so to do by every writer, but this fun can be improved.

How to Improve Our Writing Skills

By following some rules while resisting undesirable writing habits, we can improve our writing.

Undesirable/Ineffective Writing Habits Focusing on Memorization

Many writers are strictly focused on memorizing words during writing. They are attentive to what they write but fail to encourage how they write.

Giving undivided attention to memorization is why the violation of the writing method, sequence, and grammatical errors.
So focus equally on writing and in restoring information.

Gaining Stress

Sometimes many writers get too stressed. They totally bend their neck and leap over the page. So these are ineffective writing habits. By avoiding this, we can develop our writing.

Improper Resting of Writing

Some writers take improper resting of writing means without the completion of the word. On writing half of the word, they take a rest. After the rest, they write the other parts of the word that affect the world’s sequence.

The improper resting is the cause of the two-phase, the only one word, the 1st normal, and the 2nd italic or another form.
I.e. Sophi——————–sticated

Before the rest after the rest.

Desirable/Effective Writing Skills.

Here are some skills to improve your writing.

Attending the Pen

The basic, essential, and most effective method to improve writing skills is properly attending the pen. Properly holding the pen is beneficial to improve writing skills.

Attending the pen so closed that the written words cannot be seen is the improper method of attending the pen.
Selection of the proper finger to hold the pen while noticing the pen’s angle with paper and the angle of the wrist create effectiveness in writing.

Avoid Technical Words

Don’t use difficult words that need to be emphasized in remembering. If you focused on remembering the word, your attention from writing would be interrupted.

Selection of Paper

Always select a rough surface paper. Don’t select silky paper. If you are a good writer, then notice that your writing method will be changing soon. Silky paper creates involuntary control of the pen—slipping off the pen lead by a silky paper.

Daily Based Practice

Do the practice of writing daily. Select a variety of stationary objects so you will be no longer strange with any paper and pen.

Grammatical Perfection

Follow all the grammatical rules such as capitalizing the first alphabet, use of full stops, commas semicolons, etc. These are minor to see but affect a lot of your writing.


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