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(The transformational Windows upgrade planned for late 2021)

Windows 11

While a future upgrade of Windows 10 is still named ‘Sun Valley‘, Windows 11 has leaked online, so we’re fairly confident the whole new version of the OS is really a big thing.

While Build 2021 came and went without a Windows 11 announcement, Microsoft users are intrigued about whether we may see ‘Sun Valley’ emerge sooner, with a fully-fledged Windows 11 coming around the end of this year.

Microsoft is hosting a Windows event later this month, and with the leak of Windows 10, we’re probably going to see Windows 11 make a debut.

Recently, a build of Windows 11 was released, revealing the name and a redesigned UI, extinguishing any conjecture about what the next version of Windows would now be named.

As we begin to construct a picture of what to anticipate, here is all we know so far about Windows 11, the successor to Windows 10.

FAQs About Windows 11?

Q: What is Windows 11? 
Ans: Windows 11 is the successor to Windows 10.
Q: When is it out? 
Ans: Windows 11 is anticipated to arrive around the end of this year.
Q: How much does Windows 11 cost? 
Ans: As it’s from 10 to 11, there may be a little charge this time.

When Windows 11 Will Be Released (Release Date)

The release date for Windows 11 is not confirmed yet as of now. Microsoft has scheduled an event on June 24 to speak about ‘the next update of Windows’ at 11 a.m. Eastern Time, so we’re going to know about it very soon.

Back in 2015, with the release of Windows 10, Microsoft was emphatic that there would be no Windows 11, but technology evolves over the years, and there’s only so long you can stay with the number 10. Apple officially did it for ten years until macOS 11 Big Sur came, and that brand doesn’t have the same amount of client base screaming for a new number.

On June 9, the business published the following video, consisting of startup sounds slowed down to 4,000 per cent. It’s telling that the duration of the video is precisely 11 minutes.

The Title Of Windows 11

During the opening speech of Build 2021, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about utilizing a new version of Windows. “I’ve been self-hosting it over the last few months, and I’m very enthusiastic about the next version of Windows,” Nadella told guests.

A spin-off dubbed Windows 10x worked for tablet devices and low-end laptops until it was abruptly cancelled early this year. One revealing attribute is discovering that support for Windows 10 is ending in 2025, just three years from now.

With Windows 11 leaking a week before the June 24 event and being named within the near-final build, this has been verified.

This proves that Windows 11 is coming sooner rather than later.

Windows Central says that the internal timetable for the Windows 10 21H2 release points to October, with testing via the Windows Insider channels before then.

Windows 11
Windows 11 leaked. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The firm has officially set the end date for upgrades and maintenance of Windows 10 for 2025. Although it should be remembered that in the past, Microsoft has postponed the killing off of prior Windows versions previously, Windows 7 being a perfect example here. So we may yet see Windows 10 continue past its 2025 expiration date while Windows 11 is still strong.

Features Of Windows 11

While ‘Sun Valley’ is still believed to have a polished appearance for Windows 10, it’s not a fair shot to envision some of these features being transferred onto Windows 11 instead, which the latest leak now verifies.

A Fresh Design For Windows 11

In the newest Insider dev channels, numerous icons have received a revamp, providing most of them the most significant changes in appearance since Windows 7.

It’s been widely reported that the UI is presently being rebuilt, with new typography, Segoe UI Variable, already enabled in dev versions as early as build 21376. However, Microsoft’s development team is also searching for a new font, asking people to choose among five fonts to replace Calibri.

There’s been a new job ad discovered that it lends even more weight to a revamp coming. It defined the job as “developing new components and updating current parts of the Windows UX, performing user research to understand users’ requirements.”

While this may imply a minor update of Windows 10, it could mean a major redesign for Windows 11 if confirmed at the June 24 event.

With the latest version of 21996 proving the Windows 11 name, we can also see a refreshed UI, with the start button and the icons on the taskbar shifting to the centre, evocative of the macOS dock.

Leaked photos windows 11

It’s not only the typography and the icons that are getting a redesign for Windows 11. It also extends to the corners throughout the entire operating system, which seems to set it apart even more from Windows 10.

Alongside the new design, there’s also the adoption of rounded edges coming very soon. This will reduce the harsh edges across the entirety of the user interface and provide a softer look to Windows 11.

The start menu is now seemingly at the middle of the taskbar. However, there is a method to move the traditional menu back to the left.

From program windows to the Start Menu, to buttons, Live Tiles, and the Action Center. This one feature may significantly impact how Windows 11 appears and help make it stand out to consumers if they are upgrading from Windows 10.

Features Of The New Operating System (Windows 11)

A major upgrade to Windows 11 won’t only be to the operating system’s appearance, but in the helpful functions that it may offer to many scenarios.

It’s been claimed that Microsoft will be adding battery usage data to the Settings app. Smartphones have had this kind of functionality for so many years, but it has been glaringly missing in Windows.

Other reported features that may be transferred over from ‘Sun Valley’ to Windows 11 might include an option to remove most of the pre-installed Microsoft applications, enhancements to snap assist for external screens, and a dashboard panel for your Microsoft Account that sits in the taskbar.

Additionally, recent test versions have indicated that the taskbar and the File Explorer process typically visible in Task Manager appears to be separated at long last.

Accompanying this, due to the leaked version, right-clicking on the taskbar for Task Manager is also missing, alongside the keyboard shortcut of Win + X to go to PowerShell is also removed.

Albacore on Twitter: “I can’t believe window corner radius is acceleration dependent / Twitter”

I can’t believe window corner radius is acceleration dependent

Final Words

If Microsoft were to introduce Windows 11, we’d expect Microsoft to provide a similar upgrading programme across versions, compatible with almost all of today’s finest laptops and PCs. With such a new version of the OS presumably sharing many foundations as its predecessor, a smooth upgrade for existing users appears probable, comparable to current feature upgrades for Windows 10. 

However, like Windows 10, licenses would also be accessible for standalone purchases for new OEMs and new installs.



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