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Introduction To WordPress?

What Is WordPress?

At its foundation, WordPress is the easiest, most popular method to build your blog or website. WordPress runs over 40% of websites on the Web. Yes — and WordPress probably powers around one in four websites.

On a somewhat more practical level, WordPress is an open-source content management system licensed under GPLv2, which implies that anybody may use or change the WordPress software for free. A content management system is essentially a tool that makes it simple to manage key elements of a website – like content – without knowing anything about programming.

The outcome is that WordPress makes creating a website available to everyone — even for those people who aren’t programmers or developers.

Varieties Of Sites You Can Build With WordPress

Several years ago, WordPress was mainly a tool to build a blog rather than more conventional websites. That’sThat’s been true for years, though. Nowadays, due to improvements to the core code and WordPress’sWordPress’s vast community of plugins and themes, you can build any website with WordPress.

Website That Use WordPress

WordPress not only powers a large number of company websites or blogs, But it’s also the most popular method to build an eCommerce shop as well! By using WordPress, you can develop:

  • Business websites
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Social networks
  • eCommerce stores
  • Resumes
  • Forums
  • Membership websites
  • And everything else you can think of

Difference Between &

Since the beginning of time, there’s been a misunderstanding about the distinction between and This misconception is well-warranted since, well, the names are nearly precisely the same. vs, sometimes termed self-hosted WordPress, is the free, open-source WordPress software that you can install on your webserver to build a website that’s completely your own. is a for-profit, commercial service that’s also powered by software. It’s easy to use, but you miss most of the flexibility of the self-hosted WordPress.

Most of the time, when people mention “WordPress“, they indicate the self-hosted WordPress accessible at If you’d like to own your website, self-hosted is usually always the best choice.

Who Created WordPress And How Far Has This Been Around?

WordPress was developed as a separate project back in 2003, starting as an outgrowth of a previous project named b2/cafelog.

WordPress is open-source software, and currently, it’s made by a large community of contributors. But if we were to track ‘WordPress’ history back to its beginnings, its initial development was a partnership between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Mike Little co-founder wordpress
(Photo Credit: Smashing Magazine)

Since then, Matt Mullenweg has essentially been the face of WordPress. And he’s also the creator of Automattic, which is the firm behind the for-profit service.

Matt Mullenweg WordPress
(Photo Credit: WordCamp Miami)

The history of WordPress from its inception as just a blogging platform back in 2003 and now is a long one…

But suffice it to say, WordPress has moved ahead and, due to its contributors and large community, evolved into the most popular option to build any kind of website.

Who Uses WordPress?

WordPress is being used by individual people, large companies, and everyone in between! On an urgent note, we utilize WordPress! So the same site that people are looking at right now is powered by WordPress. Lots of more well-known organizations utilize WordPress as well. Here are a few of the largest organizations and brands that use WordPress:

  1. BBC America
  2. Microsoft News
  3. Sony Music
  4. The Walt Disney Company
  5. TechCrunch
  6. Facebook Newsroom
  7. The Mozilla Blog
  8. cPanel Blog
  9. Inside BlackBerry
  10. IBM Jobs Blog
  11. and more

Why Use WordPress?

Over 40% of the sites on the Web are using WordPress, including well-known organizations such as the White House & Microsoft.

So, What about you? Why should you consider using WordPress?

Well, no matter what kind of website you want to build, there are many reasons to choose WordPress. Here are a few of the biggest:

WordPress Is Absolutely Free

One of the most significant advantages of using WordPress is that it’s available free, open-source software. In contrast, you may need to pay a small amount for hosting and domain. You can download, use, change, and redistribute that many times as you like without any costs.

Beyond that, you can also discover plenty of open-source themes and plugins to modify how your website appears and works.

WordPress Is Expandable

Even if you aren’t a web developer or programmer, you can still quickly modify your website because of WordPress’ vast collection of themes and plugins:

  • WordPress Themes — They mainly affect how your website appears or change the appearance of your website.
  • WordPress Plugins — They mainly alter how your website works. Plugins may be anything simple, like a contact form, or significant, like establishing an eCommerce shop.
WordPress Themes & Plugins

WordPress themes and Plugins are available free, but if you want to access extra functionality and extra features of a specific theme or plugin, you also have the option to purchase a WordPress theme or Plugins. Here are a few websites where you can buy beautiful and well-looking themes or plugins that will increase your website functionality even more.

  1. ThemeForest
  2. CodeCanyon
  3. TemplateMonster
  4. Mojo Marketplace
  5. ThemeSnap

WordPress Is Scalable

WordPress provides an enormous amount of plugins and themes you can imagine. You may pick your web design from the hundreds of attractive themes and add whatever functionality you desire through thousands of accessible plugins.

Great Support & Easy To Find Solution For Your Issue

In WordPress, there are many resources and millions of individuals to assist you in solving any problems you face. You’ll discover lots of articles, tutorials, documentation, videos, and actual people to help you through support forums, emails, chats, and corporate phone services.

WordPress Is Powerful

WordPress’ platform is highly functional and robust. You may operate high-traffic websites, eCommerce, and any other kind of website using WordPress effectively.

Installation Of WordPress Is Easy

Do you think you need to be a tech expert to build your website? Think again! By using WordPress, you can install WordPress on your site with just a few clicks.

WordPress Installation
(Photo Credit:

Presently, many web hosts providers either:

  • Offering to preinstall WordPress for you so that your website goes live immediately.
  • Give you specialized tools that make the setup procedure extremely beginner-friendly. (such as Softaculous App Installer)

Final Words

WordPress is free and the most popular method to create a website for a reason. WordPress is a fantastic choice if you want to make any kind of website, from a personal blog to an eCommerce site. New WordPress themes and plugins are being published every day, and every website hosting provider widely supports the platform.

What do you think about WordPress? Do you use WordPress on your website or think of using it in the future, please let us know in the comment section. If you’ve any query related to this article, don’t hesitate to ask us, and we’ll do our best to assist you.



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