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Competitors Of YouTube & Alternatives

YouTube Competitors

The old generation used to have television, the one black, and white in the early 1920s till the 1970s. When the times changed to color television, this invention entertained a large population till the first half of the 21st century. Pictures, Graphics, and Animations have always fascinated our new generation. 

As things are now changed over time, we are living in a technology period. Everything is on our fingerprints, and we can access whatever we want. As the whole globe is changing into technology, the same is the case with our motion graphics. 

When the technology era was beginning to climb the ladder of success, various projects were on the path to developing a video app. Among them, the one who gained worldwide success is YouTube.


YouTube was founded by three developers Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Shen, in 2005. YouTube is an online video platform. Soon a deal between the developers and Google finalized the agreement for $1.65 billion.

YouTube generates its money from the Google Adsense service-the monetization of ads to the target audience according to their search. According to recent reports, YouTube has reached $5.47 billion in 2020. There is a 46% increase in YouTube revenue year by year.

YouTube is the second most visited platform, following An active 2 billion users, 51% among this considerable number, visit the site daily. There are approximately 37 million YouTube channels, which are uploaded 500hrs of videos per minute. 

YouTube’s success is because it has given access to almost 100 countries. It is also easy to manage, content from worldwide, and fairway to earn money and fame. As television viewership is declining over the last decade, social media and digital platforms have replaced the T.V. There are hundreds of digital video platforms. In today’s article, I’ll cover the top 10 YouTube Competitors.


Vimeo is an online video sharing and service-providing website founded in 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein. Vimeo main headquarters is in New York City in the USA.

This platform provides video content and quality graphics for its subscribers through content creators. The revenue is generated through the subscription charges from the subscribers.

In 2020, Vimeo generated $150 million, record growth in comparison to recent years. Vimeo subscriber growth has increased 15% from 2017 company data, reached to 1.53 million subscribers. Vimeo has increased in the number of employees from its foundation to date. It has now reached almost 650 direct employers.


Wistia was founded in 2006 by Chris Savage and Brendon Schwartz. Wistia headquarters are located in Cambridge and Massachusetts. Wistia has almost 50,000 users, and it has generated 60 million in the last quarter of 2020. It has 138 employees and has access to 50 countries.

Wistia is a marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Wistia provides its users with an innovative and excellent video and streaming marketing software that enables businesses, companies, etc., to create viewing experiences on their sites and gives them the tools to find, engage and grow a community of customers.


DailyMotion was founded by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey from their living room in Poitrey’s apartment in Paris in March 2005. It has almost 370 employees. Dailymotion generated 20% more profitable revenue amid covid-19.

DailyMotion is primarily owned by a company called Vivendi. Daily Motion is a French digital video-sharing platform. Dailymotion is available worldwide in more than 183 available languages and 43 versions featuring local pages and local content. DailyMotion has more than 300 million active monthly users.


Justin founded Twitch. TV along with some sponsors from North America. Amazon acquired this software service for $970 million. It has less than 200 employees. The company generates a considerable amount of revenue every year,

Twitch Is an American video and live streaming service that focuses on gaming content, including broadcasts of esports competitions. Besides, it offers music broadcasts, creative range, and, more recently, real-time streams


Sproutvideo was founded in 2010 by Adam Podolnick. The headquarters is located in Brooklin, New York, United States of America. It has 60-70 employees working. Its incomes mainly depend upon the subscription charges ranging from $25/month, approximately 2.6 million. This software is one of the video hosting platforms for business. 

Sproutvideo makes it easy to customize, publish, and track videos online. It has all the features, including the security, marketing, and analytical of the users. The video projects will be a success for the business.


On June 20, 2018, IGTV services were launched and introduced by former Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom in San Francisco, USA. This is available in 30 different languages across the world.

IGTV is a video platform for android as well as IOS users. It allows the user to make longer videos compared to Instagram feeds. It has 1billion active users from around the globe. It is business-friendly; it bought $20 billion in 2019.


Metacafe Inc. was founded in July 2003 in Tel Aviv’s city by Israeli Developers Eyal Hertzog and Arik Czerniak (CEO). It has 13 million active users in the USA alone and 40 million viewers from the world. MetaCafe headquarters are in California and Los Angeles.

There are 127 active personnel who are currently working for Metacafe. Some reports indicate $27 million revenue by Metacafe. 


Dmitry Shapiro founded VEOH in 2007. Veoh has 754 employers. Veoh headquarters are located in San Diego, CA, and the USA. This platform attracts 17 million unique visitors monthly.

Veoh is an internet television providing studio content and much more entertainment to the user. It has no registration fee. Qlipso has now officially owned this company.


TikTok is a Chinese mobile phone application available for Android and IOS users. It is featured with short videos for a maximum of one minute. It was founded by Bytedance in 2012 named Douyin in China but recreated in 2016 and merged in 2018 with it is advanced to TikTok

TikTok has now reached 2 billion downloads on the Google play store. Many of the celebrities like Selena Gomez, Will Smith, and other well-known stars. According to Reuters, TikTok generated $5.6 billion in the first quarter of 2020.


DTube is a social network developed by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer that allows users to own their data. Steemit launched this service. The blockchain system pays 90% of registered users in 2016. The blockchain system pays 90% of registered users.

This video platform has no admin and relies on the cryptocurrency and blockchain system to pay the active users. The company is valued at $68 million.


Okay, with this, we’ll now wrap up the list of top 10 video streaming websites that compete with YouTube. As we all know, YouTube is one of the largest and 2nd largest search engine. It is challenging to beat YouTube but not impossible, and it is possible for the websites I mentioned in the list above might beat YouTube in the future.

I hope you’ve found this article useful. If Yes, then please be kind enough to share it with your friends and colleagues. If you think we missed including something in the list above, comment it down in the comment box, and we will reply to them at the earliest.


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