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Programming Languages That Will Rule 2021


There are many programming languages in the market. It’s challenging for beginners to choose one or they may don’t have any idea where to start. Keeping this thing in mind, let’s start with the list of the Top 10 programming languages that will rule 2021.

10) Kotlin

Kotlin is an android focused programming language, it is an official language for android application development developed by JetBrains. Due to Google’s influence, its popularity has grown, and it’s more concise than Java. It’s a universal and interoperable programming language. Kotlin can co-work. It can work alongside Java. Kotlin can run in the browsers with the help of interactive editors. It’s an object-oriented programming language that is statically typed in nature, better internal tool, management model, error-free and faster performance.

Features of Kotlin

Kotlin can run in Java, and java code can run in Kotlin, which means that this is an interoperable language. Web and Application Development are possible in Kotlin. It’s a very compact and easy to learn programming language. 

Let’s look at the application in which Kotlin is used. Kotlin helps Pinterest to be robust. It enhances its user experience Kotlin is also used in Netflix to optimize its reliability and speed. Kotlin is further used in Google, Amazon, and Uber.

9) Swift

If you’re looking for performance, Swift is the language that you should go for. Swift prevents error and provides readability. According to Apple Incorporation, Swift is twice fast as Objective C and eight times faster than Python. It’s a programming language used for IOS and OS Development. Swift is developed by Apple Incorporation.

It’s best of Objective C, the legacy code written in C makes it slower, and Swift removes those limitations. It takes ideas from popular languages such as Objective C, Python, etc. during 2014, Swift was the universal language, and it was used in almost every Apple Product.

Features of Swift

It’s scalable and easy to implement. It is much more readable as compared to Objective-C. It is interoperable with Objective-C and Python, meaning that if something is written in Swift can be easily converted into Objective-C and Python. It’s faster than Objective C and python.

Now let’s look at the applications which use Swift—keeping their robustness and popularity in mind. Facebook used this programming language due to its reliability. 

It is also used in applications like Khan Academy, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Airbnb.

8) C Sharp

If you’re looking for a programming language to build games, you should go for C Sharp. It’s a general-purpose programming language designed by Microsoft for the .net framework, and it is still considered one of the best low-level languages. It’s widely used for creating games on a unity game engine.  

C Sharp is an object-oriented programming language that was developed by Anders Hansberger. It’s also used for Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Building Games, and Networking. It is interoperable with any .net and universal language.

Features of C Sharp:

It is similar to C Plus. It’s easy to learn, fast, straightforward, scalable, and open-source programming language. 

If we talk about its application, it is used in Windows applications like Microsoft Word, Skype, Visual Studio, and Internet Explorer. Some applications are in Mobile Application Development, such as Fox Sports, NBC, and Universal Slack. Its applications are also in terms of Anti-Hacking software like WikiLeaks Anonymous.

7) R Programming Language

R is considered one of the promising programming languages when dealing with statistical computation in Data science. When dealing with Data sets that are more complex and large, we can draw useful information with statistical computation. It has some essential libraries, such as GG Plot 2, the best library for Data visualization. Some libraries like it are used to generate dynamic report generation for performing machine learning tasks, and Web crawler, which is used for domain-based web crawling and content scraping.

Ross Ayhaka and Robert Gentleman developed the R Programming language. Its libraries are designed for Data Science and Data Analysis. It is a beginner-friendly language used in Finance, Healthcare, and Social Mediae-Commerce right in Finance.

Features of R

It has a large, vibrant community. It’s an open-source and freely available programming language. It’s easy to learn and flexible. It’s a cross-platform compatible and scalable language. It’s very easy to use when dealing with Mathematical Computations.

Now, let’s look at applications in which R is used. R is used in top social networks like Facebook. It is also used to update the status and social network graphs in Microsoft. It is used for Xbox matchmaking services for Mozilla and used for visualizing web activity. Also, it is used in Google, IBM, and Paytm.

6) PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor)

If you’re looking to create your first website, then you should go for PHP. It is an open-source backend language. It is used on more than 80% of websites on the internet. It has no prerequisites, which means it can be learned very easily. It’s a language used for web development simplicity and versatility makes it easier for us to use on platforms like Unix, Linux, and Windows. 

Its processing speed is very high, and because it is a server-side scripting language and an object-oriented programming language, it makes PHP much more cost-efficient and scalable.

Features of PHP

If we talk about features. it can be used in desktop applications, it has vast community support, it’s very easy to learn, and it’s a swift and flexible programming language.

PHP is used in e-commerce applications like Amazon, Alibaba, Open Cart, and PrestaShop. We can also create dynamic websites whose pages are controlled, like in Joomla and WordPress

5) Go or Golang

Google builds Golang. It is efficient like C or C Plus, and it is compatible with the cloud. It fits nicely for general performance-oriented cloud software. If you’re converting the legacy code into Go, it is fairly simple. It is widely used in startups that are there in silicon valley and also for multi-threaded systems that are used. When we are talking about distributed systems, it is an open-source application that is a server language. It is similar to C programming but with additional features like memory management garbage collector.

Features of Golang

It is used for web applications and used for creating APIs. It is also used for creating web servers and is the fastest-growing language. It is a high-performance programming language.

Let’s talk about the applications in which Golang is used. There is something known as Rent Proxy, written in Golang, used to check thousands of concurrent connections and for load and correctness testing in Netflix. It is also used in blockchain, sound cloud, timesheets, dropbox, etc.

4) C Plus Plus or C++

It is a 35-year-old programming language whose performance is very high and is very much reliable. The 2011 release was considered the largest release but recently, with C Plus plus 20, which is considered an even larger release than C Plus Plus 11

In C++ 20, there are some additional features, such as creating modules and core routines. 

It also consists of some libraries like STL, which is extensively used in competitive programming. C is a mid-level language associated with low-level programming and even a high-level application like GUI (Graphical User Interface) and desktop applications. It’s a compiled type of language. C Plusplus is machine-independent and also platform-centric. It is an object-oriented programming language that uses all the four programming pillars, like Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance, and Encapsulation. It also supports Pointers, which help us to access memory directly.

Features of C++

Now let’s talk about features: it is a platform-independent and straightforward language. It is mid-level. The structured programming language is very fast in terms of execution; it has enriched libraries like STL  (Standard Template Library). It is very efficient and easy to learn programming language.

If we talk about applications, you can create operating systems like Ubuntu and Windows. You can also create Graphical User Interface (GUI) based applications like Adobe and Apple Operating Systems, Window Operating Systems. 

When you are trying to develop browsers used for rendering purposes and need to have faster execution, some of the browsers written in C Plus Plus are Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird & Google Chrome. All of these are written in C Plus Plus. You can use C++ for graphics software like Adobe, UniSoft, and Zynga. Also, it can be used for Database development like MongoDB and MySQL are written in C plus.

3) Java

Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language that was designed by James Gosling. It is the most widely used programming language, which is evident from the fact that more than 90% of fortune 500 companies use Java. Java has continuously held the number-one slot in terms of popularity from 2004 to 2019. it follows the principle of Vora, which means to write once and run anywhere.

Features of Java:

It is a very simple object-oriented and platform-independent language. It is a very efficient and multi-threaded programming language

We can use Java for Graphical Desktop User Interface applications like Swing and JavaFX. It is highly secure to create a web-based application for health, social security, and education.

It is also used in NASA, Whirlwind, Wikipedia Search, Hadoop, and games like Minecraft. Scientific calculations, Mathematical operations, and Low Maintenance applications can be created with the help of Java. For example, we have MatLab.

2) Python

It is an open-source programming language that is growing day by day. It is an object-oriented programming language preferred in machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and Data Science. It also contains a collection of libraries such as TensorFlow, NumpyPandas, Matplotlib. Where NumPy’s is used for calculating numerical expressions, Pandas are used for Data manipulation, and Matplotlib is used for Data visualization. It also consists of app APIs such as Keras, which is used for creating deep learning models.

Features of Python:

If we talk about Python’s features, it is very easy to learn. Web Development and Game Development can be done easily. It has vastly growing community support.

Python is used on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Survey Monkey, Quora, and Reddit. Other than these applications, we can also create Frameworks such as Django and Pyramid, which is used to write our code quickly. We can also develop Games such as Disney Doom, Travel, and Pygame. We can also create micro-framework such as Flask and Portal.

1) Javascript

Javascript is known as the verb of Web Pages. If HTML is the noun, then all the actions you perform on a web page are your Javascript. It is an object-oriented programming language that uses just in time compiler. So what is this just in time compiler? It is nothing but the best of two words that is your compiler and interpreter everywhere? All the browsers are installed with it. Javascript application ranges from web development to mobile app development. It is straightforward, compatible, and straightforward with HTML. If you’re looking for a career change, you can also have skill if you are looking for any software engineering roles.

Features of Javascript:

If we talk about Javascript features inside the browser, although we have something known as node.js where we can run this javascript outside our browser, the compilation is not required for responsive interfaces we can create from Javascript. It is very easy to implement community support there. It is platform-independent with the growing maturity of this language. We can be a full stack developer as for frontend. We can have its library. The most popular library is react.js. We can use that from the frontend of the things and back inside of stuff. We can use node.js thus making us a full stack developer. If we talk about Facebook, more than 30000 components are written in react.js.

Similarly, some of its applications are Netflix, Candy Crush, and it can also be used for game development.


These are the top 10 programming languages for 2021 that you can learn and which will be beneficial for your career. You don’t need to learn the difficult one, start from the basic language, and move forward, step by step.
Many websites provide these Programming Languages to learn for free, and you can start learning today. If you’re interested in learning programming, please take a look at our list of the top 10 best e-Learning websites in this article.



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