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Computer Science Majors

I did a bunch of research on jobs that computer science students can get. I then looked at the salary, and then I looked for the top ten, and that’s what I’m going to be going over in this article.
I’m going to say about the job a little bit about that job and then the salary. Each of these is a unique job, and they’re all high-paying. All these jobs over $100,000 on average salary, so there may be something in there that piques your interest because the salary is not the most important thing when finding a job.

10) Cloud Engineer:

Cloud Engineer with an average salary of about a hundred and six thousand four hundred and sixty dollars. What a cloud engineer does is essentially an IT professional that works on all things cloud computing. It can be anything from general maintenance to support building systems within the cloud for that specific company or anything. They run cloud computing in that particular business.

As I’ve understood it, it is an organization type that is usually connected to some data center or anything like that. It is something that a lot of companies are now jumping on. They are currently deploying, so if they want to deploy a cloud system within their company, they will hire these cloud engineers, so it is highly demanded and does pay quite well

9) Data Architect: 

They’re going to be making about, on average, just over a hundred and eight thousand dollars now. When I think of data architects, I think the main job of being at least within this job is creating very complex databases. It’s incredible what these data architects create and the databases they create how useful they are. I create databases on a tiny scale, kind of in my financial internships that I’ve had through access and, therefore, things like that.

Still, data architects can do so much more unbelievably complex databases. It’s quite impressive coming from someone who is not computer science. You guys didn’t know I’m an economics major; I’m not a computer science student. Still, it is a very much so in-demand job. Many companies need data architects to build these complex systems and databases.

8) Systems Architect 

Systems architect with an average salary of just over a hundred and nine thousand dollars now what a systems architect is gonna do is its kind of in the name. Still, you are gonna be working on the systems of the company has whether that be involved with specific networks or computer programs or anything else that that company has you are gonna be the one that is in charge of that and make sure it is keeping maintained so as far as systems go at least in big companies, you’re usually going to be dealing with big data either being transferred, or just these systems mustn’t break.

So a System Architect is there to ensure that they don’t break, but they’re not just maintenance. They are there to build on. They will operate on these systems to ensure further efficiency and create new systems to help the company run more efficiently as a whole. Hence, as a general overview, that’s what a system architect will do. That explains why these jobs are so important to companies because not only do you need the systems, but you always want your company to run as efficiently as possible.

7) Solutions Architect:

With an average salary of just over a hundred and ten thousand dollars so what a Solutions Architect does is often they’ll be working with different fields within the company that aren’t necessarily in the computer science, or I should say just technical side of the company and they offer that technical vision so if there is a change that the company wants to make they’ll be overseeing the technical side of it so they’ll be making sure they’ll kind of be watching this quality control side of things they’ll also be showing ok you want to make this change coming from the technical point of view this is how it can be done in this time frame, so it’s

Just one member of the team is often in charge of pretty big shifts and changes that the company wants to make because if the website goes down or the system breaks for a little while during this change, or during this solution, it can cost the company a lot of money so you can start to see how these people are essential they offer just making certain changes happen efficiently. Still, they also will be part of the team that causes the change. They provide a technical point of view regarding big changes or even small changes within a company.

6) Computer and Information Research Scientists:

Now what these people will do is kind of in the name, but they are involved, with computers and information, and lastly, they are research scientists. Hence, what they’re doing is they’re taking existing technologies. They’re seeing how can we take this and make a system or make a program that will help companies or people at large, and not only are they looking at existing technologies, but they are also creating, and this is part of the research scientist side of things they’re creating new systems and building out new infrastructure new databases and anything else like that that could help other companies.

So this is all very research base, and it’s pretty impressive. You know every day is unique because you’re looking for the next big thing you know, especially in the tech world, things are moving so fast. You know that you learned computer science five six seven years ago for you computer science students are very different from what it is today. That is large to these computer and information research scientists because they are continually innovating and pushing what is possible just further and further. It’s an exciting field if you are into research and always find new things to do things that were wrong to word that. Still, just this has to do with innovation and making things easier for future generations, so it’s a very rewarding and a very important field.

5) Data Scientist:

Making just over a hundred and thirteen thousand dollars on average every year, which is an interesting one because I know people from different fields who have gone into this. Hence, I know people from computer science that have become data scientists. I also know people that are math majors, and then even economics majors have gone into this as well, so that’s just kind of an interesting thing about data science. Still, data science is something that is, of course, very high-paying but very, very important. It’s the name, but what data science is is it’s the taking of large amounts of data, and often that’s these companies; the amount of data they collect is just astronomical. It’s hard to get your mind around, and oftentimes it’s messy. It’s weird. It doesn’t make sense.

What a data scientist will do is take that information, funnel it down and first of all, make sense of it will organize it. It then will interpret it and see all right what does this mean and start making decisions. From that, you can break it all down and explain it in a simple form, so it’s an exciting position because you will take a whole bunch of data. It takes a lot of creative thinking. You, of course, have to be pretty bright to see a different kind of connection. Ultimately we’re making something beneficial for whoever you’re working with because you interpret that data that comes in all that mumbo-jumbo making no sense. You interpret it and present it so that normal people can then assess it and make decisions off of that, so that is kind of a brief overview of what data science is.

4) Applications Architect:

Making just under a hundred and fourteen thousand dollars every year, and what an applications architect does is making new applications. When I think of an application, all it really is is just a software program that runs on a computer, so they may be creating applications they may be taking already existing and tweaking it and updating it or just maintaining it and just making sure that it is being used correctly and to its full extent and if something doesn’t isn’t out there they’ll create an application for the specific company or just for everyone in general anyone can download this application should they choose. You are in charge of just making it maintaining it, acting as support, and building it, and it’s an exciting position.

There’s a lot of creativity involved, and in the end, you kind of watch that whole progression, of course, starting from nothing and then creating a brand new application, or if you were tweaking it or anything like that, so this has to do with all things applications. It is undoubtedly an exciting and of course essential job because every company has applications. You’ll need people to make specialized ones for your company so that they run more efficiently in such a critical position, and because of that, it is pretty high paying as well.

3) Machine Learning:

Engineer making just over a hundred and fourteen thousand dollars and this is an exciting job because it’s taking two different sides of computer science well I guess there are no real sides you can shine but two different fields and merging them so it’s taking the software engineering side of things along with the data science or we just talked about. It’s taking those two and making sure that they run together because many software engineers will need the data to create the company’s systems.

So what happens here is you will be acting in the role of a data scientist and then that of a software engineer, so you make sure the data coming in is interpreted properly. It’s just implemented in such a way in the company’s programs and applications that you or someone else could build upon and just making sure that it is being interpreted in such a way that the company can use it and maximize their efficiency so this is kind of an interesting way to combine two different fields. There’s a whole lot here. As I searched what a machine-learning engineer would do, it was hard to get one straight answer.

I highly recommend looking more into this if this interests you because there are so many different things that this job does that I can’t talk about all of that in this video. If you are a computer science student, you probably know a lot more about this than I do when merging those two different types and exactly what would entail. If you are interested in the OL, I recommend doing some more research online. Still, it is very high paying, and it is necessary for a lot of companies.

2) Computer Network Architect:

With an average salary of just over 120 thousand dollars, every single year and what this person will do is they are in charge of creating new networks and new ways of transferring big data communication at the company, so what companies do is they’ll be collecting a whole bunch of data. It, of course, has to be moved around the company. You know how are you going to you have all this data here how do you move it and maybe like interpret it then send it because it that’s oftentimes a big issue for a lot of companies so what a computer network architect will do is they will either create new networks or work with the existing networks within a certain usually one telecommunications company.

They’ll work on ways of sending that data, and oftentimes you have to create either a new network or a new way to send all that data. Of course, the most important thing here, usually what you’ll be spending most of your time on, is security because it’s not okay how we can send this data. Still, it’s how we can send this mass amount of data and keep it secure so you know no one can get in there, and the data isn’t released that’s very important as you can imagine at huge companies.

When you think of Google or even Facebook or these companies with lots of personal information, they have to be able to send that securely with absolutely no issue. Hence, there’s a lot of encryption issues and different things that you will look into. The whole thing here is you are creating a way for which this data can be moved around the company. You’ll work with different superiors and different just people in the organization to share your plans to share your layout. If they do like it, then you will be in charge of moving that data and creating that network that will allow that to happen, so all in all, you can see how that is very important, especially at big companies like that that need that data not only interpreted but first it’s got to move to the particular place. It’s got to be done securely, so you are paid very well for that, and it is a pretty interesting job.

1) Developer:

With an average salary of over a hundred and fifty-four thousand dollars, every single year and what a blockchain developer will be doing is they will be building applications using blockchain technology and the way that this will differ from say a software developer anything like that how blockchain is slightly different is yes you are using blockchain technologies rather than what you would have normally used. Still, the kind of key difference here is that these are going to be decentralized applications. Now my understanding coming from having a passion more in the financial world.

I understand black blockchain technologies from the side of cryptocurrency. I know it was a big deal because you are creating a decentralized currency, and it was always discussed. That’s kind of when blockchain was really brought into the public sphere where everyone knew about it was from cryptocurrencies and looked at as this future technology. You know we don’t really know what way it will be used in the future from either financial markets or anything else.

So from this perspective, you can see how this is really a technology of the future. I’m interested to see where the blockchain ends up in the financial realm. Still, I’m sure it will make a difference in many different fields, and you can see because this is a futuristic job, you know it’s preparing for the future. It’s kind of at the edge of technology where we are right now. You can see that it is paid quite well. I mean, it is the highest paid one here, so this is certainly something if you want to get involved with this. This is an exploding field as far as blockchain technologies go. It’s a pretty hot topic right now.


Those are ten of the highest paying jobs that I found for computer science students. Now I’m sure there are more, and it’s important to realize any of these salaries. This is, of course, going to change wherever you are. Something you want to take into consideration and salaries do fluctuate depending on where you’re working.

You may want to look into benefits, and everything’s like that for different companies, but for the most part, these were ten of the higher paying jobs for computer science students, but I’m sure there are more, and if you’re a computer science student out there.



Abu Zar Mishwani is a Freelancer by passion and an IT guy by profession. He studies Computer Engineering and works part-time as a Freelance Web Developer and a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist on Upwork. Abu loves to write about Technology, Freelancing, Programming, and new Tech Innovations.

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