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Things You Should Know To Become a Back End Developer 20212 min read

How To Become a Back-End Developer?

What a Back-End Developer does and what you’ll need to learn to become one. But first, we need to define. 

What Is A Back-End Developer?

As we’ve previously discussed in our article, there are generally two parts of any web application: the Front-End or a client-side and the Back-End or a server-side. The Front-End consists of the web pages you see and communicate inside of your browser. Front-End Developers usually design those pages, but how are those pages delivered to the browser and when a user enters data into those pages where does it go?

When a user inserts a URL clicks a link or submits a form their browser connects to a web server, a web server is simply a computer operating software that delivers resources like web pages and images.
When a web server receives a request for help, it needs to respond with that resource. Web servers to respond with the correct resources are Back-End Developers’ domain before a web page or other resources delivered to a browser.

A web application composed by Back-End Developers fills that page with data. The data pull out from a database is a separate program that stores and retrieves data.

Back-End Developers need to understand the web application’s programming language and the database where the data is stored. A Front-End Developer designs web pages and a Back-End Developer works upon those web pages customized with user data.

To make the database communicate, server, application, and Back-End, Developers use various languages. 

Languages Back-End Developer Use:

The languages used by Back-End Developers are: 

  • Ruby
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Net 

Back-End Developers mainly used these languages to build an application, and various tools like Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server to save, find, or change data and assist it to the user in front end code.

After interacting with a business owner and understanding their conditions and technical requirements, Back-End Developers use the tools mentioned above to build web applications with clean, well-documented code.

They develop the most effective and efficient solutions for engineering technology by converting and returning data into front end code a user can interact with, such as: filling out a form, creating a profile, shopping online, etc.

What Is a Full Stack Web Developer:

Have you ever heard the term Full-Stack Developer? Before that, someone with the skills of both Front-End and Back-End Developers, a web developer, isn’t clearly defined. It could mean a Front-End Developer, or it could mean a full stack Developer, Back-End Developers typically work together with Front-End Developers when creating a web application. 

Simultaneously, the Front-End Developer focuses on the look and feel of a website and the user experience. Back-End Developers focus on the date of the site presents most web apps offer various forms where users can enter data to create profiles share stories keep track of appointments, and so on the Back-End.

Responsibilities of a Back-End Developer:

  • Back-End Developers are responsible for storing this data and ensuring it is accessible to users who are supposed to access it.
  • Includes working with database integration, creation and management
  • It provides web server technologies.
  • Cloud computing information
  • Server-side programming languages
  • Operate the systems
  • Maintenance and development of content management system
  • Preventing hacks and security settings
  • Restore and backup technologies for a websites DB and files

What Types Of Workplace Includes Back-End Developers?

The life of a Developer eventually includes running extended hours. Back-End Developers can be virtually anywhere, working as full-time stable employees in giant corporations and medium-sized or small companies.
They can also work as freelancers or independent, or as contractors for an employment agency.


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