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Technology Movement Pakistan & Waqar Zaka3 min read

Technology Movement Pakistan

Technology Movement Pakistan

Technology Movement Pakistan

Technology Movement Pakistan is a political party launched by Waqar Zaka. This party is also known as Tehreek-E-Tech. Waqar realizes that Technology is the only thing that can bring change in education, people’s lives, change the youth and Pakistan’s future. He started this campaign so that the possibility of earning from the internet becomes easy for people.
He wants to make his cabinet and improve Technology to make government laws to bring PayPal, Amazon, and other banned technologies in Pakistan by the government.

Why Waqar Zaka Started The Technology Movement Pakistan?

Waqar Zaka started the Technology Movement Pakistan because the present parliament makes laws against the internet like Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. That’s why Waqar Zaka started the Technology Movement Pakistan to stop banning useful applications in Pakistan as these applications become means of earning for Pakistanis, and the possibility of earning from the internet becomes easy for people.

He wanted to make his cabinet and improve Technology like high-speed internet and make the government laws to bring PayPal and Amazon.

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Aims of Technology Movement Pakistan:

The movement has four main purposes,

  1. The initial entity to commence Pakistan’s first cryptocurrency.
  2. The second direction of the campaign is to revolutionize the educational system in Pakistan’s madrassas.
  3. To get permission officially from the court for his website
  4. To fix Pakistan’s space program.

3 Big Achievements Of Technology Movement Pakistan 

As Waqar Zaka started the Tehreek-E-Tech or the Technology Movement Pakistan campaign, he achieved three outstanding achievements.

1) Sindh Computer Textbooks Updated

As the technologies are growing vastly, learning new technologies is essential to bring advancements in our country. But unfortunately, instead of teaching the latest technologies and inventions in schools and colleges, the books in our schools and colleges are outdated. The students are reading the technologies that we don’t even need right now.

The Technology Movement Pakistan struggles hard and updates the course content. It is because of Waqar Zaka that he updated the outdated computer Textbooks in Sindh.

2) PUBG Case:

We all know, PUBG was banned in Pakistan by the government that negatively impacts Pakistan’s eSports. Waqar Zaka struggled hard and did everything to unban the PUBG in Pakistan. It is because of Waqar Zaka that PUBG is unbanned.
Getting permission for an unregistered foreign company to appear in Islamabad court as fundamental rights of earning was restricted.

3) Lifting The Ban On Crypto And Getting Pakistan’s First TenUp.Io Official From The Court

Cryptocurrency became legal in Pakistan with the efforts of Waqar Zaka. is an official website created by Waqar Zaka for enhancing the Technology of Pakistan. Meanwhile, day by day, he is achieving success.

What is TenUp? | TenUp Nation?

TenUp is a blockchain-powered Global microfinance platform. It is a prototype that is made by Waqar Zaka, which provides the number one products. If the Pakistani government launches it, he guarantees that they can earn up to 4 million dollars in 1 day and 735 million dollars in 6 months.

  • TenUp Nation
  • Progress
  • Investment
  • Success

TenUp nations are powered by the region and established to assist entrepreneurs put forward funds for their operations while enabling refugees and unbanked globally. It is an integrated decentralized exchange and an integrated marketplace.

Crypto Association & Technology Movement Pakistan (FaceBook Group) 

Waqar Zaka created a Facebook group named Crypto Association & Technology Movement Pakistan. To join the group, you need to purchase a monthly subscription of Rs. 1500 PKR. It means that you’ll have to pay 1500 PKR every month.

The main purpose of the Crypto Association & Technology Movement Pakistan is to give trading signals. It means that anyone with zero knowledge can learn and then earn from cryptocurrency. He further said that I’d teach and guide the beginners in the group. It’s a community for the members where they learn online learning and help others. 

Waqar Zaka said this group is paid because people who pay monthly will be serious about their work. It is a part of the Technology Movement Pakistan. Anyone around the world can join this group and start learning and earning.

Is It Good To Join the Crypto Association & Technology Movement Pakistan (FaceBook Group)?

Definitely Yes! If you want to learn to trade and earn from cryptocurrency. If you’re a beginner, this group is the best place to learn as a beginner and start earning online in a short amount of time.

Members Review About Crypto Association & Technology Movement Pakistan (FaceBook Group)

People share their positive reviews about their profits after joining the group. Waqar Zaka also said that you could confirm the reality from the people who posted their reviews.

Thanks to Waqar Zaka for guiding us here on this platform in 1 day, I got this result now withdrawing my actual profit in 1 day $1400 .. Waqar bhai, you rock….. Source

Alhamdulillah, I made my first profit on Binance joined three days ago with $50 only. Spent my days and night to understand crypto trading through Binance. A big thanks to Waqar Zaka. Geo Shehzaday. Source

Who Is Waqar Zaka?

The brilliant person behind Pakistan’s first cryptocurrency and The Technology Movement Pakistan, Waqar Zaka, is an engineering graduate from NED University of Engineering and Technology. Waqar Zaka, a famous TV host and the top cryptocurrency influencer in Pakistan.
Who has been invited by blockchain conferences from all over the World. Since 2014, he is the only Pakistani celebrity, posting tutorials on Blockchain and cryptocurrency using blockchain technologies.


He is a one-man army when it comes to philanthropic work with cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Life of Waqar Zaka teaches us to be consistent with our work regardless of what people gossip about us. Technology is growing super fast, and we Pakistani don’t understand the value of it.

It is Technology that will bring advancements in our lives. We should learn new technologies like Blockchain. There are many free learning platforms where you can learn everything you want absolutely free.



Abu Zar Mishwani is a Freelancer by passion and an IT guy by profession. He studies Computer Engineering and works part-time as a Freelance Web Developer and a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist on Upwork. Abu loves to write about Technology, Freelancing, Programming, and new Tech Innovations.

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