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Thousands of circles have happened all over the universe

Revolution In World

Along ago, God created Adam and Eve. That was the first revolution. Since then, hundreds and thousands of circles have happened all over the universe. We will look for the processes that occur in the past four centuries. The first and the mighty revolution was the industrial revolution in around 1750 in Great Britain. That was that life-changing revolution for all humanity.

Soon after, many more have to come, among them the invention of railways by Stephenson and the wonder of the Wright brothers, which was not even possible by all philosophical and logical arguments.
Alongside transportation and materialistic was at its peak. Scientists excel in their respective fields of both natural and physical sciences. But still, the world was not aware of a revolution, which was a dream of our ancestors.

They probably dreamed of an easy and effective way of communicating with their further friends and family. The first hope came right by the invention of the telephone by Graham Bell. People knew they were enjoying their time with this revolution.

Although all this was happening, some genius minds were looking for more ways of communication. This curiosity and hard leads and invention of the internet in the 1980s to the impotent revolution was ever witnessed. It was a life-changing step in the telecommunication industry, and everything changed afterwards.

As time passes, this industry improves, ranging from voice calls to instant messages and video conferencing from any part of the world; these interns make the global village.
But what’s next to this process is to look like a complete miracle. I am not talking about 2G, 3G, and not even the faster 4G. It’s 5G. 5G is the latest technology, and it’s the fastest of all the previous.

Imagine if a 4G network takes 20minutes to download a movie, it will take just a few seconds in a 5G network. Some researchers are taking that online surgery will be happening in the future using this new wonder of the world. All the vehicles will be operating through this technology. Finally, I must say the greatest of revolutionization is 5G technology when living a very comfortable and easy life. It was a short preview yet more and more to come about 5G technology.


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