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Latest Programming Innovations


In the old days, 20 years ago, programmers starting a project would sit down almost immediately and start writing code. However, as programming projects became more extensive and more complicated, it was found that this approach didn’t work very well. The problem was complexity.

In all probability, large programs are the most complicated entities ever created by humans because of this complexity. Programs are found an error in software can be expensive and even life-threatening (in Air Traffic control, for example).

Three major innovation in programming have been devised to cope  the the the the problem of complexity they are:

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS)
  • The Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Improve The Software Development Process

Object-Oriented Programming

Why has Object-Oriented Programming become the preferred approach for more software projects? OOPS offers a new and powerful way to cope with complexity. Instead of giving a program a series of steps to be carried out, it views it as a group of objects with specific properties and can take certain actions.  

This may sound obscure until you learn more about it, but it results in clear, more reliably, and more easily maintained programs.

The Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a graphical language that consists of many diagrams. It helps program analyses figure out what a program should do and allows programmers to design and understand how a program works. 

The UML is a powerful tool that can make programming more straightforward and more effective.

Languages & Development Platforms

The Object-Oriented Programming language C++ is by far the most widely used. Java recent addition to all languages. Certain features such as pointers template in multiple inheritances make it less powerful and versatile than C++.  If you ever want to learn Java, its syntax is very similar to that of C++. Learning C++ gives you a head start in Java.

Several other languages have been introduced recently, such as C#, but they have not yet attended the white acceptance of C + +.



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