Is Amazon’s Entry Really Beneficial to Pakistani Sellers?1 min read

Amazon In Pakistan

Amazon In Pakistan

Amazon is an international cloud storage provider and an online company where people can sell their products or provide services to worldwide users. Jeff Bezos started the company in 1994. 

In the early days of the company, they were selling books, but as time passed, they began to add more products to their service, including electronics, cars, and smart digital devices. Nowadays, the company is the richest in the world by annual income. The founder of the company Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the earth.

Amazon Launched In Pakistan.

The Pakistan government digitization policies made this possible in May 2021. when the advisor to prime minister Abdur Razzaq Dawood announced on Twitter, 

“We have finally made it. We have been engaged with Amazon since last year, and now it’s happening. It is a great opportunity for our youth, small and medium enterprises, and women entrepreneurs,”

The inclusion of Pakistan was necessary because many of the neighboring countries were already benefiting from the most extensive online selling platform. It has become a little late, but now is the time to work hard and honestly boost the country to a stable e-commerce place.

Pakistan’s benefits from Amazon

After years of waiting, finally, Pakistan is now registered with amazon. This is a big step in the Pakistan economy. The local sellers will provide their service worldwide, which will add good revenue to the country’s economy. The exports will increase as Pakistan is more dependent on imports. Now startups will benefit from amazon. 

The local small and medium-size businesses will create employment opportunities. The products produced in industries and other workshops will have the path to create jobs for the locals, prosperity in society, and pull up the people from poverty.


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