Impact of Covid-19 on Education System in Pakistan1 min read

Impact of Covid 19 on education system

The pandemic starts in china. The virus first broke out in the city of China Wuhan. After that, the infection goes all over the globe. Every activity of the world stops, and still, the end is yet to happen. Like all the other fields, occupations and industries are closed all around the world. A vital sector of education is also a victim of this viral infection. All the educational institute professional or non-professional stop delivering their learning teaching activities.

Today the pandemic leads to a disastrous situation in the education sector all over the world. All the students are away from the learning mechanism. Their careers are at risk due to this pandemic. To encounter this critical situation, an e-learning system is launched all over the globe. It is a new experience to both the pillar of education, the students and teachers.

Although it’s a new experience for academics, this system is a new one, and the majority, about 80% of people, are not familiar with distance learning. This system needs the internet, but unfortunately, many under-developed countries cannot afford this basic need of the modern age.

To tackle out this problem, the following are some solutions:

  • Internet availability
  • Smartphones or laptops
  • Basic knowledge of using the internet.
  • Training for teachers for teaching online.
  • Low price internet.
  • Availability of electricity.
  • Awareness about online education.


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