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Modern Graphic Design Trends in 2021

Graphic Design Trends

You must probably notice that the past few years in design have been dominated by bold colors, mind-bending gradients, and futuristic compositions. Still, in 2021 the graphic design world will feel a lot more reserved, harmonious, and natural, well except for the illustration, those will get a lot more abstract in the coming years.

Designers come with new ideas every year, and 2021 is coming, so here is the list of 14 graphic design trends in 2021.

1) 3D Design

Graphic Design trends in 2021 will be the year of 3D in all kinds of ways. Combining 3D objects with photos, images, illustration, and 2D designs. The 3D design will be the top graphic design trend once again in 2021. You will see it in strong or pastel colors. It is also hot on the web, UI, and typography.

2) Emoji Design

2021, time to show your emotional side with the rise of emojis. Fun and playful emojis for all occasions, from animated websites to storefronts. Grabbing attention and raising a smile.

3) Nature-Inspired Design

Nature-inspired – leaves, trees and flowers, natural color palette. These peaceful, calm, beautiful, and amazing designs are pushing into 2021 to remind you what you are missing when you are at home. This trend is in the form of the leaf pattern, earth-tone, illustration, or color schemes. Graphic Design is going more natural and green in 2021.

4) Optical Illusion

Breakthrough the boundaries with optical illusion design in 2021. This trendy style will blow you and also hypnotically pull you in. In 2021 designers will be getting even more creative with it.

5) 3D Typography

3D typography is going to be big in 2021. Jumpin’ out of the page and very definitely taking the front seat. Tactile typography that takes no prisoners is the way forward.

6) Cartoon Illustration

Cartoon illustration always ranks the trends charts, and why not? Much flexible, multiuse, multipurpose, and stylish, what’s not to like? Custom cartoon illustrations work for every day in every possible way.

7) Gold Design

Oozing luxury and quality, Gold has that star presence that never fails. Bright, brilliant, and classy with real pizazz!

8) Voxel Art

Simple blocks combined together to create something much bigger. The sum of all parts is a combination of a retro look, and it’s ultimately inspiringly awesome.

9) Monochrome & Duotone

Simple palette, simple design but super strong presence. In 2021, graphic designers will incorporate 3D or flat geometric in posters, prints, packaging, and brand identity. Duotone designs are made up of two contrasting colors. In 2021 designers will be continuing duo tone in graphic design.

10) Geometric Shapes

Take the simplest forms, add a touch of imaginative flairs, and get creative genius. 3D geometric block shapes build layer upon layer and pull you deeper and deeper in.

11) Typography Chaos

If there is not enough chaos floating around your world, sit back and enjoy. Chaos design will take 2021 by storm. Chaotic typography means disrupting the order and alignment of letters and words. In 2021 designers will be getting even more creative with it.

12) Colorless Design

In 2021’s search for calm, clarity, and solid ground, let the color trickle out of design. Take back control, hide behind nothing, and stride forth with this no-nonsense approach.

13) Colors on White Surface

Colors are the most important visual elements which can highlight your content and brand’s style. It should help graphic elements to be easily distinguished from one another.

14) Retrofuturism

Retro Futurism is a visual style that has prevailed due to its bold imagination with a surprisingly optimistic outlook in 2021.



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