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A new era has begun nowadays of digital world. Earlier, people were working in different companies, associations and they were physically involved in their work. They were going to their workplaces for their jobs. They spent their 9/5 in offices.

The business structure was basically made of in person. Without having in person the business deals were not come to completion. The organization generally arranged their meeting which actually happens between the two parties.

After a lot of discussions they finally met a point, which were their common interests of both the parties and the deal was successful. In modern age as internet is becoming a vital part of our lives. The world is changing by every second, everything is set to evolve on internet.

Same goes for the work, as Internet provides the facility to people of entirely two different regions come in contact virtually and make their business. The above I mentioned is called freelancing which means work from your own comfort. Freelancing is a new industry emerging to take on in person businesses. This is typically a low labor job for a person.

Freelancing gives the opportunity to help the young entrepreneurs and people with skills, who could make their goals by themselves. The concept of freelancing is growing very rapidly. A famous quote by Jack Maa founder of Alibaba” In future everyone will be working for four hours”.

The world is now shifted towards this digital marketing concept, and of course it’s a best platform for young generation. I think this will change the entire globe.


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