Cristiano Ronaldo Cost $4 Billion To Coca-Cola1 min read

Cristiano Ronaldo Costs $4 Billion

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese star put two coca-cola drinks aside while attending a press meeting. On Monday, during a press briefing, the football star video went viral after putting two coca-cola bottles aside, which were placed in front of him. He then said, “water.” 

This happened before the Euro cup match against Hungary. The opening match of Portugal’s football team.

The Juventus star, who is not an admirer of carbonated drinks, prefers water instead. The act of the superstar cost $4billion, reducing the multinational company value from $242 to $238.

According to media reports, Coca-Cola is the official partner in the Euro Championship. This little act of the star cost the worldwide market value of the company.


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