10 Best Freelance Marketplace & Platforms (Updated 2021)8 min read

The Leading Freelance Marketplaces & Platforms

10 Best Freelance Marketplaces and Platforms

Starting your personal business in contemporary times is not a simple job as you require a start-up cost, staff, equipment, space, and other resources. Therefore, individuals seek freelance employment where there is no investment, plus they can perform the work at their leisure.

Freelancing jobs have gotten extremely popular these days, and many individuals are becoming attracted to this beautiful choice. Freelancers who want to make more money have more options accessible than ever before.

If you, too, want to take a big leap to join the world of freelancing, then now is the ideal moment to grab significant assignments. There are many freelancing platforms, but you need to pick the finest freelance marketplace so that you can keep yourself away from fraudulent websites.

What are Freelancing Platforms Or Freelance Marketplace?

Freelance platforms or marketplaces enable businesses to acquire contingent freelancers for projects or job positions that do not need permanent employees. On these sites, you need to establish your profile, publish your work portfolio, and then you may interact with prospective employers.

On freelancing sites, employers and individuals who are searching for employment publish their offers. You may apply for any job that you like and are interested in, and utilizing these websites will help you make a strong start in your freelancing profession. They assist you in making your first customer fast and gain employers’ trust as well.

10 Best Freelance Marketplace Of 2021

Here is a list of the top freelance marketplace and platforms of 2021 for those individuals who want to work as a freelancer & work remotely:

1. Upwork


Previously named oDesk, Upwork became one of the biggest freelance platforms to work with no matter what kind of freelancer you are looking for. It is the world’s largest freelancing platform with over 12M registered freelancers, and approximately 5M registered clients.

Think of any skill, and you would find projects and freelancers relevant to it here for sure. It is a user-friendly platform, but you’d have to fill out an application that would be accepted or denied depending on the current demand for your talents to register with them.

They charge a 20 percent fee initially that decreases as you work more with the same customer. Once you are billed for $500 with the same client, the cost drops to 10 percent, and after that, if you bill $10,000 for the same client, they would only charge a 5 percent commission. Here you may work with major companies like Airbnb, Microsoft, Dropbox, etc.

2. Fiverr


Fiverr links freelancers and companies online and offers a unique, complete variety of professional service solutions with over 250+ categories. On this platform, freelancers publish the amount they can provide, and clients may look for them and give them the job.

Fiverr pays relatively more than Upwork, and they charge $1 for $5 gig or 20 percent. Generally, every single task costs $5, in which you may discover authors, photographers, video producers, website designers, and other similar work done. It is a great launching pad for new freelancers, and they may make a fair amount of money depending on the tasks they receive.

If you want to offer digital services, then you would have to establish a seller profile. After that, you need to create a gig and offer all the details the client may need to determine whether to deal with you or not. For attracting more customers, you may also include a video to your job.

3. Freelancer

Freelancer is ideal for small firms that need skill and assistance in everything connected to web development, graphic designing, copywriting, and marketing. Their client list includes prominent brand names with whom many people want to work, such as Intel, Microsoft, and Boeing.

The freelancer website is pretty simple to use, and partnering with them is also straightforward. You need to submit prior work samples, bid for a job, and after that, you can speak with the recruiters employing. The best part is that you do not have to spend anything to sign up. Moreover, you do not have to pass an interview or exam to join them.

They have almost 17,000,000 registered users and 10,000,000 projects that they have published. They offer people in over 240 nations and have been in this business for more than 15 years. Hence, it is an entirely trustworthy website in terms of money, job, and brands.

4. Guru

This freelancing marketplace is specially designed to assist businesses in acquiring skilled freelancers from all around the globe. Their recruiting procedure is simple, which makes it easier for the customers to employ freelancers. Although it is a young website, it has nevertheless managed to build its user-base of more than 1,500,000 million.

The numbers are increasing with every passing day; they have completed more than 1,000,000 tasks. Creating a profile with them is straightforward; all you need is to make your profile, and you are ready to go. They have a massive quantity of job listings every day, which are from different profiles.

They provide five monthly membership plans; the standard one is free for everyone, but with that, you are permitted just 120 bids in a year. If you obtain a job, then Guru charges a 7 percent fee for it.

Their highest cost is $39.95 per month if you pay yearly. You receive 600 bids a year with an annual rollover of 300, a 5 percent work fee, and a few marketing tools like increasing your position in search results generating premium quotations, etc.

5. People Per Hour

It is a vast and one of the top freelancing platforms. Here, you can obtain a wide variety of categories such as audio, videos, website development, web design, app development, social media, and much more. On this platform, individuals have earned more than £130 million via 1 million businesses.

Its main goal is to connect its clients with the appropriate type of individuals. The unique part about them is that every person you deal with has been hand-curated by them; therefore the level of work and deal with them is excellent.

Their recruiting procedure is highly flexible, and their rates are very reasonable. For establishing your profile, initially, you would have to fill an online application evaluated by a moderation staff to make sure that they employ the best freelancers.

Once you receive the approval afterward, you may access a flow of jobs from international customers. You may either search for the projects manually or save automatic searches from getting alerts when they list new projects.

6. Toptal

If you are seeking leading freelancers, then it should be the first freelancing marketplace you should consider. Their application procedure is so complex that out of thousands of applications they get every day, they only accept a couple. It is designed to help businesses to recruit from the top tier of global freelancers.

You would receive various kinds of jobs and freelancers such as designers, developers, project managers, and financial specialists. Toptal helps you discover the perfect candidate for your position who ultimately becomes a member of your team. You get to access their excellent customers after you are chosen once your screening process has been completed.

They have major brands partnering with them, such as Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Airbnb, Zendesk, etc.

7. FlexJobs

It is a platform specialized in flexible employment as it includes remote work, on-site work, freelancing options, and flexible work arrangements. More than 40,000 businesses hire freelancers via them, and you may pick as per your interest and abilities. Its drawback is that you’d have to search a lot out of a ton of junk to obtain excellent job posts.

This does not imply that there are fraudulent ads; it is a well-curated website as they study the jobs and monitor new gigs carefully. Every need placed on our site goes through a thorough screening procedure that guarantees authenticity and validity.

They feature jobs from all around the globe in more than 50 professional areas. This website is not available for free; if you want to gain full access to its massive network of employers and thorough description of each business, then you’d have to spend $14.95 a month for it.

8. 99designs

It is one of the top freelancing marketplaces for logos, websites, and graphic design. Here, you would experience a fresh design created every two seconds for the customer; just think of the skill you can acquire here. Clients simply need to give their criteria, and designers provide their submissions.

If a logo is well-designed, it draws a lot of customer’s attention; thus, an expert designer must perform this job for you. On 99designs, you can be confident of the quality and designs.

This website operates somewhat differently as opposed to other websites. The customers specify their design, and designers send their application; the client will pick the one they prefer, and the designer receives the money for that.

The nice part about this website is that they make you feel supported as a freelancer since they assist you to discover possibilities or join a community of designers.

9. SimplyHired

In this platform, freelancers may find employment in nearly any sector; therefore, it is ideal for those who want an extra job. The big advantage is that they do not charge individuals for placing the job ads, so there are many employment possibilities on this website.

It is effortless to submit a resume and have your profile up and running as a freelancer. Once this is done, you will be able to view freelance employment in your local area as well. You would also be able to view a list of top incomes and a tool in which you can estimate your charge.

They give employment in more than 24 countries and in 12 different languages, which very few sites provide. You may also filter down your searches just to what you are interested in, making the job search simple for you. This feature’s main advantage is that you can conduct a helpful search rather than simply viewing the loosely linked results.

10. Aquent

This is a wonderful website that assists in building trust for you. Their customers come up with job postings, and they hand them to their network of freelancers to perform the task. They offer the perfect match for skilled individuals with businesses that are seeking to employ the same skill-set.

They mainly offer employment connected to marketing, IT, and creative professions. Aquent has received many accolades due to the excellent job they provide and the fantastic skill they possess. They typically accept candidates who have more than two years of experience, but they encourage new grads to investigate their available positions.


These were some of the top freelancing markets and platforms by their assistance; you may access worldwide freelance talent. It helps freelancers, enterprises, and the developers of this marketplace as well. Freelance platforms are excellent for freelancers since here they may obtain a range of tasks and fresh possibilities.

If you want to become a freelancer, pick any platform from the above list since all of them are excellent and trustworthy. You simply need to examine what fits your skill-set the most and subsequently select the ideal one for you.



Abu Zar Mishwani is a Freelancer by passion and an IT guy by profession. He studies Computer Engineering and works part-time as a Freelance Web Developer and a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist on Upwork. Abu loves to write about Technology, Freelancing, Programming, and new Tech Innovations.

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