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Websites to Learn New Skills Online

Online Learning Websites

Nowadays, many colleges and university students now find themselves with other obligations beyond getting degree jobs, and family commitments make equal demands on their time. Having the option of taking online classes and studying on their own time is critically important. For that purpose, I research a little bit and make a list of the top 10 best online learning sites, from where you can learn new skills and knowledge and make a new career. So let’s get started.

10) Skillshare:

 Skillshare is an online learning community for creators. It is a marketplace for new skills with a broad range of different subjects to choose from. Skillshare offers an online catalog of video-based courses and in-person workshops in cities like San Francisco in New York. Many classes are available to take without a membership at the cost of around $20 to $30 each. Still, industry leaders teach a top-class is only available with a Skillshare membership costs $9.95 dollars per month. While it doesn’t give you any free content, it does provide 20% off all classes, like other platforms. Skillshare provides student reviews for your reference number.

9) Tree House:

TreeHouse is an online technology school that offers beginner to advanced Web Design courses, Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Game Development. A team of expert teachers teaches the courses. Its courses are aimed at beginners looking to learn coding skills for a career in the tech industry. The treehouse learning program includes videos combined with interactive quizzes and code challenges. Treehouse tracks are properly guided and composed of courses that train students in large topics area treehouse organizations to assist businesses, schools, community, programs, and technology training companies, including living and straightforward Social—currently used Treehouse to recruit new employees based on their progress and achievements on the Treehouse.

8) New Boston:

The is a perfect site for beginners from the IT on the computer side. It has the world’s most extensive collection of free video tutorials on Computer Programming, Web Design, Game Development, and more from scratch videos for courses like Java, C++, PHP, HTML, Javascript, Python, Networking, Wireshark, and many more. It is a perfect site for students worldwide. It also has videos related to Beauty, Humanity, Maths, Cooking, Health, and Medicines to study from.

7) Code Academy:

Code Academy is dedicated to teaching people how to code. It’s available for free, while other online coding courses learn at your pace environment. Code Academy motivates learners to keep a fast pace using supportive groups and a gamified points system. The school offers courses in several languages, including PHP, Python, and Ruby. It provides its own space for practicing the coding there itself. Students are often already building and deploying projects by the time they finish their course.

6) Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a non profit online platform providing a completely free library of educational micro-lectures focusing on more traditional academic subjects. KhanAcademy delivers a mix of video and text-based materials in Math, Science, Economics, Humanities, and a bit of Computer Programming. The organization produces short lectures in the form of youtube videos. Since Khan Academy is free for anyone to use, it’s a great -way to get a taste for a subject before moving on to a more advanced course elsewhere.

5) Udemy: is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults with an average of eight hundred new courses added to the site every month. Udemy is a bit more expensive than its competitors, costs very broadly ranging from 10$ to 500$ for different courses. The most popular Udemy courses in business and technology tend to be upwards of 100$; however, you can read the reviews of former students before signing up for any of the courses so you can make a more informed decision.

4) Udacity:

Udacity is a platform with a strong focus on technology with a small but well-crafted selection of courses. If you are looking to break into a data science utilities data science program with an impressive roster of teachers from companies like Salesforce and Facebook. It allows you to pay monthly for your courses. If you decide to drop a program before completing it, you pay for the course up to that point rather than that whole thing.

3) Linda: is an American online education company offering thousands of video courses in software creative and business skills. A veteran in the online education offers a subscription-based video tutorial library. Think of it as an education-based Netflix, a great option for visual learners. At a reasonable cost of $25 per month, membership provides unlimited access to more than 80,000 videos on a range of different subjects.

2) EDX: is a massive open online course provider. It hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, including some courses at no charge. It also researches learning based on how people use its platform ethics differs from other providers as itis a nonprofit organization and runs on the free open edx open-source software platform the Massachusetts Institute of technology and Harvard university created edx in May 2012 more than 70 schools nonprofit organizations and corporations offer were planned to offer courses on the EDX website as of December 29th, 2016 EDX has around 10 million students taking more than 1270 courses online.

1) Coursera: 

Coursera is an education-focused technology company courses website. Roe has partnered with leading universities in the US and worldwide to provide online courses covering dozens of different subjects. They’ve recently introduced specializations in different course pathways that will lead to an official certification from an Associated University course. Roe has a wide diversity of subjects available to choose from, everything from data science to musical theory, as Coursera prides itself on being accessible to everyone. Many of the courses are either free or very cheap to take, with only the official certification at the end having a higher cost involved.



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