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Banning Useful Technologies In Pakistan

Banned Technologies

Pakistan is an Islamic country located in South Asia. Technology has a far better impact on every country’s economic progression. The same is the case with Pakistan. Electronic and social media’s regulatory authority is the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, which regulates the terms and conditions for electronic and social media.

Nowadays, social media has become an integral part of our lives. The entire world is shifted to this new technology. More than half of the population of the world are active users of smartphones. This large number of the population has access to the internet as well.

According to research, there are 164.9 million active mobile users in Pakistan; 40% are smartphone users. The majority of users use several social media applications (apps). These applications have earned a good name and grew faster, and are easy to use and manage.

Apart from Pakistan and several Muslim countries has made their regulation to control on the social media platforms. These regulatory terms and conditions for the use of many apps, especially YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and several other surfing platforms.

The banning culture in Pakistan started back in 2008 when video content platform YouTube was banned for sharing non-Islamic content. The strict regulatory laws were then passed by the information ministry and the regulatory authority to stop the non-Islamic content and social media blasphemy.

Social media has given some anti-Islamist groups a chance, and some fraud scandals lead the social media platforms to be banned and create uncertainty among the user.

Effects Of Banning Culture In Pakistan

The country’s youth are now finding a way to earn and are starting their professional career on various platforms. Some became Bloggers, others started creating their content on YouTube and other digital platforms.

Apart from all this, our country’s policymakers cannot understand the excellent aspect of technology along with the social media platforms. Now we will discuss the impact of banning culture.

1) Discouraging-Digital Media Creators

The majority of our youth and other skillful population is now working on digital media creation. They are being paid for their content creation. This majority is now shifted from the traditional work setup to the modernized work from their home. 

Suppose the policies remain the same through strict regulations and high amounts of taxes from this country’s sector. They will give up, and little revenue generation is disastrous to our economic condition.

2) Waste Of Talent

The banning culture of social media platforms prevents the youth to generate money and showcase their talent to the world. Our country’s youth has had better skills in Video Creation, Blogging, Programming, Application Development, Gaming, and several other skillful jobs

This sizable human resource would help decorate the country’s image. Not only this, but it can play a vital role in job creation in the IT sector.

3) Economic Instability

The globe has now become a society of people who can access each other, make the world accessible to one another. People from different regions can now buy and purchase their products, and an exchange of work is pretty much possible. 

YouTube and TikTok are now paying a lot of money to the video creators, which makes the youth work and get paid by these platforms. This money generates revenue and encourages the young population to work more and more.

4) Advancement In New Skills

Social media platforms play a worthy part in promoting and enhancing the skills of the new generation. As all the entire globe is working using the internet and the new strategies of businesses. 

The advanced level of the young population of the country is a need. If the banning culture remains the same, the youth will not take this new path instead of going for an old frame of mind for their careers; hence the creativity level declines with time


If our country needs to find a better future, we might relook into our policies regarding social media. The guidelines should be easy, apart from a check for vulgarity and blasphemy is needed of the time. The banning culture would not make a good impression on the digital content creators

According to some reports, healthy revenue has been generated from these platforms in the recent past. The government and PTA should make policies friendly to the skilled people in our country, through which ease in doing things is possible and the country in the right direction.


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