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How To Become Successful

No matter how much we would like to deny it, it is true that we have all at some point read an article or two about the “mythical keys to success.”

While it’s true that the reduction of one’s recipe for success is a standard error, I have noticed recently that even writers and “advice-givers” tend to overdo it.

Reductionism is innate — it is part of our genetic makeup. The ten commandments feel better than the twelve rules, and the rule of three is better than the rule of eight, or something of that nature. However, the problem is an oversimplification — a seemingly innocuous effect that, in reality, causes harm.

Many of the best “how to be successful” pieces and pieces of advice I could find are pretty similar. More important than that, there are five keys to success, not just one. These key components are:

Determination, skill, passion, discipline, and luck.

  1. Determination

Determination is a pledge to oneself. It is the firm base in your mind considering your goal. The determination provides a field where you can have a direction which you can choose according to the skill you have. 

A person who is not determined is not severe in his strategy. Determination is a path to success and the first step in your success. Determination is something more internal; it mainly relies on your psychology; the more substantial the reasoning, the more you become determined.

2. Skill

People often talk about skills or may ask a lot of questions regarding your talent. The skills are a set of your capacity to perform a task or multiple tasks. Many people have the same skill as you do have. But the more advanced and professional skills you have, the better is the chance of success.

To build a skill, you should have the requirements of that skill available. The mechanism to develop your craft from the rest of the people should consider the SMART rule as specific, measurable, achievable, relative, and time-bound. If you’re restricted to this rule, you can better develop a skill of your choice and demand in the market.

3. Passion

If you have the traits mentioned earlier in your personality, you are now close to achieving something remarkable. Passion is that desire or love for doing your favourite thing. Passion is a critical element in a person’s career. It is something you need from your birth. It includes some ideas which you want to fulfil in the future. 

Passion is the admiration or a feeling which never lets you stop. This character is fundamental to stick to the path or career you have chosen. Be passionate about your ideas for the future.

4. Discipline

Discipline is the set of activities that you constantly perform over time. The timely and within time performing a task is referred to as a disciplined person. The disciple is designed with rules which a person writes or verbally remembers while working on a determined goal. 

Discipline makes you habitual with all your environment and accommodates the personality to the surrounding phenomenon. Disciplined people always manage their time and environment according to their will. So, whatever you want, make sure to add discipline to your life.

  5. Luck

Luck has a more significant influence on life’s success. You do all things you make it to the final stage to achieve something. There is the element of luck always in the slot. 

People work very hard at times they don’t get the desired results. Why didn’t they? The reason is something about your fate. You were born for something else, or your destiny is somewhere else. So, the better you succeed, the better luck you have.


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