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5 Best Programming Languages For Game Development 20212 min read

Top 5 Best Programming Languages For Gaming

Programming Languages For Gamin

Game development is an art. Game Development involves generating concepts or a storyline, followed by developing and testing a user interface. The gaming industry is a bit different from others. Here, developers have to focus on developing user-friendly interfaces, but at the same time, it is essential to think about gaming mechanics, reward points, player engagement, and level design.

If a game has an excellent user interface but a poor storyline, it should fail to capture users’ attention. So it is essential to combine the art and programming part of the game.

Speaking about a programming language, according to Wikipedia, there are over 700 programming languages out there, but only a handful of them can be used to develop the game. Moving ahead, let us now discuss a few of the popular programming languages to build games.

1. C Plus Plus (C++)

This is because it’s fast, and its compilers and optimizations are solid. Apart from that, you also get a lot of control over memory management as C++ is an ancient language. It has well-written documentation and extensive libraries, which come in handy for designing and powering complex graphics

2. C# (C-Sharp)

This language was initially developed in 2000. The main advantage of this language is that it makes use of the XNA Framework. This Framework provides a set of tools and runtime environments to develop games for Xbox and Microsoft platforms. C-sharp is also used for creating games using the unity game engine.

3. Lua

Programmers widely use Lua as a scripting language. In 2003 a poll conducted by showed Lua to be the most popular scripting language for game programming. The reason for this is because of its fast execution and short learning curve. You might be wondering how Lua is more rapid than C++? Well, Lua is fast but in its own way. Textual files in Lua are not directly interpreted instead it is compiled into a byte code which then runs on a lower virtual machine. The compilation process is performed during runtime, but it can also be done offline to increase loading performance or reduce memory footprint.

4. Java

Game Developers also use Java because it supports multithreading and sockets. This is with multi-threading system memory, and the CPU is used efficiently on top of this. We all know Java runs on a virtual machine. Thus the application development will be easier to distribute.

5. Python

Like C++ and Java, Python also offers an Object-Oriented approach but with simple syntax and execution. You see, unlike the previously mentioned programming language, Python is very slow. Thus complex games are never developed with Python. Only a particular API or Framework of Python will be used. The major strength of Python in game development is rapid prototyping. This means that with just a single command, we can create our gaming package

For example, if you want to develop an android game, all you need to do is use builder API. So here is a command called buildozer.init, which, when run, creates an APK file

Final Words

Now that we have discussed the list of programming languages for Game Development. You can choose any of the languages from the list above and start learning them to become a Professional Game Developer.

I’m sure you have learned something new. If Yes, then share this helpful information with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions, please do mention them in the comment box below, and we will reply to them at the earliest.



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