11 Surprising Personality Traits of Highly Intelligent People3 min read

surprising personality traits of highly intelligent people

Highly Intelligent People

When you hear intelligent people, what runs through your mind those people with the highest scores in class or popularly known as toppers or those with the highest IQ tests score? Well, that might be the layman’s understanding of highly-intelligent people guys. Still, in contrast to that conventional view, it is sometimes those who have poor marks, those who have low self-esteem and who never rise to harness their intelligence, and people who are shadows of themselves, maybe they are brilliant ones. 

Let’s discuss some surprising personality traits of highly intelligent people. If you find yourself possessing most of these traits, it could mean that you’re a smart person if somehow you are performing poorly, it only means that you are underperforming. You can approve yourself if you trace your steps backward and adjust things where they went wrong.

1) One Southpaw or Left-Handed:

Yes, this sounds surprising as reported in 2013 psychiatrists from the University of Athens determined that left-handed people have faster and more accurate spatial skills, a retentive memory working memory, and mental flexibility than others who make use of their right hand. They are very Swift and divergent in thinking. They have special creative abilities to generate awesome novel ideas.

2) Naturally Curious:

People with high curiosity become more inquisitive, therefore gaining more knowledge when they do proper research or when they ask questions, they get answers to the puzzle. When someone is curious, they tend to gain more original ideas, which leads to creativity.

Without curiosity, there would probably be a lot of voids and even darkness in the world. Can you try to imagine a level of interest that leads to technological developments and the level of intelligence and efforts put into developing the gadgets? We use today, which makes life easier for us. There are undoubtedly intelligent people behind all of those advancements. Curiosity is a trait of intelligence. You cannot just form to be curious. You can not even get to think about awesome things without getting curious, right, so naturally interested people usually have a significant set of intelligence deep within them? 

3) Haphazard Reading Habit:

For a lot of people, it takes a very prepared arrangement to read. Some go to the extent of even setting their alarms to call their attention read. Some learn under stress from their parents or guardians. Some read just when they do exams or tests by the corner. Still, knowledgeable people have a haphazard reading habit. It is unplanned. Some read along roadsides. Some read even when the environment is still too noisy. Some even read in the loop. They are not concerned about their immediate situation. They satisfy their desire to feed their minds with new knowledge. It happens even sometimes when they don’t want to read. It is just like they are addicted to reading. By doing so, they become so greedy in knowledge.

4) They Are Highly Adaptable:

 Intelligent people get to fix themselves up even innew settings regardless of the restrictions and complications they can thrive wherever they find themselves. Irrespective of how long they have stayed in a current or new situation, they can easily connect to new people. With their in-depth knowledge and understanding, it doesn’t take long for them to you’re recognized by others.

5) You Tend To Be Modest:

 It may be surprising because, in this context, it postulates that highly intelligent people read themselves low. In contrast, others who are less competent tend to rate themselves higher, known as the Dunning-Kruger effect, as smart people won’t try to prove their worth or make people see them as very classy whatsoever. They have self-confidence and high self-esteem, so they don’t need the permission or view of other people to know Stephen Hawking. When asked what his IQ was, he replied. Thus I have no idea. Somebody who boasts about their IQ is a loser. This quote even further makes us more concrete. 

6) They Are Highly Concentrated:

 I want to make use of a popular scenario, probably everyone has seen. Still, the secret about the situation you might not be aware of this concentration is like a chameleon showing their environment. It is not just a natural phenomenon that makes it take up a new color. Still, the chameleon’s concentration on a particular color enables it to take a specific tone. Think of it this way. There are many colors there. Still, it takes just one unlike manners highly-intelligent people in an environment of so many distractions and side attractions that make their mind converge to the particular thing they wish to achieve and get it done.

7) They’re Open-Minded:

 Highly intelligent people don’t just seal their minds off with what they know or what every other person believes and thinks about a given thing or situation. They are flexible and open to alternative views about things you might see a bird flying: A highly intelligent person might only view the solution to a given problem. In a way, the bird takes off or maneuvers obstacles; nevertheless, it is worthy to note that they are careful about their adoptions. 

8) They Enjoy Their Own Company:

They are not necessarily narcissists, but they are quite individualistic. You might be so close to people in this category. Still, at a given time or sometimes they don’t just want anybody around, sometimes they want to have their time to think about things and to meditate.

9) They Are Sensitive To Other People’s Feelings:

Sometimes highly intelligent people can decode or discern one’s emotions. They are somehow attuned to the needs and feelings of others.

10) They Have High Self-Control: 

This set of people usually are not vulnerable to influences coming from other people. They are often strong-willed and engaged in activities they decide themselves to participate in; they are not compelled by the words and actions of people around them. 

11) They Procrastinate a Lot: 

Surprisingly, highly intelligent people are often caught up in this. They procrastinate a lot, which makes a difference in how they are swift to learn and understand it. Covers up for their flaw or the loophole that could have been created by the act of procrastination. 
Well, those are 11 surprising personality traits of highly intelligent people. What’s your opinion about this?



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